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Monday, 30 January 2012

(OOTD) College Breaks, Tesco Haul and a couple of little finds!

The torture is over!! Yes, my literature review is finished. I did stay up until 7:15 this morning to get the majority done, then had a quick power nap and then finally got to hand in at around 3pm. So pleased it's over, but technically this is just the start, got the rest of the bloody dissertation to write next!

But in the mean time I am going to enjoy my break, get some other creative work done for my business, and get some proper blogging done! I have several article ideas, so keep your eye out :)

But firstly for the OOTD, and my new hair :D...

Slobbing today, as already mentioned I went to bed at 7:15, got back up and carried on working, and celebrated with a bath, so I just went for comfort and something I could leave the house in...

Panda Jumper- I think this was from Fashion Union or some online fashion store, I think it was around £8, I have had it quite a while.
Leggings- French Connection Outlet Store, £5 in the sale a couple of years back. I really like these because they are very long, so they don't fall down. These are one of the only pairs of leggings I own that I don't always have to wear shorts over.

And that's it really, had a black vest under the jumper for warmth, it's a bit chilly out!

Anyway, what with the up-coming Harrods interview, I decided a change of hair was in order. So the lovely Rosie stripped the vibrant red out of my hair, and then dyed it for me, and gave. I am so pleased with it...

(I had no make-up on, so not a chance of seeing my face!)

Let me know what you think!

Anyway, on the way back from college I happened to fall into Tesco, where, once again I stumbled on several bargains. 

The first of which is a make-up treat. I have never of Vivo before, but the £1.50 price tag and the vivid colour had me intrigued, the photos do not do it justice. This is one of their Pearl Eye Shadows- Electric Purple, Shade 8. 

I like this colour as both an intense and a light shade. I love shimmery eye shadows and I am excited to add this to my collection.

I should point out at this point that my flat is cold and I was sat in my Betty Boop Snuggy whilst taking the photos for this post!

A further treat for me was the re-investment in the Hello Hydration Deep Conditioner, I love the stuff and at £2 it's a steal. After Rosie recommended the Beautiful Ends conditioner I went back for some, but they had none left! So I thought I would take a chance on the leave in version, I will let you know how this goes!

So now to the MAJOR bargains!!! First, a present for my little cousin's birthday, (I am enjoying being organised and taking advantage of the sales that post-christmas stock brings!). This little Mator squishy toy was a single pound, yes £1. I have been ordered to go back and get one for Rosie.

The next thing was so nice, I bought 2, one for me and one as a thank you gift for a friend. For this reason I will not go into the price, but trust me, it was a steal. I have not heard of Naked before, but they produce organic products, and they smell DEVINE, well the Coco de Mer does anyway! I am so pleased I bought one for myself. I had to take a picture of the back of the bottle, as I found the literature amusing- promoting the concept of sharing naked bath experiences. They also make reference to famous animals in their testing section, in particular Bambi, Lassie and Skippy! (I have just realised you can't see that on this picture, go buy some... now, you won't regret it). I also love the environment conscious packaging, and the organic body poof that comes in the set.

Finally, I did buy this one as a gift, and then realised:
1. I had no one to give it to.
2. I really liked the pink silky shower cap, it matches my bath pillow!

So... I have decided to keep it!

I have not heard of this brand either, Bathing Bombshell. I love the look of the packaging, but I find the amount of that ridiculously sticky glue used very irritating, and it's still stuck all over the bottles. The products in this set have quite a pleasant yet generic girly toiletry smell. The shimmer included is very subtle, actually, virtually non-existent, but, I did put it on several hours ago and I can still smell it, so that is impressive. This box was originally £9, and is now being sold for £2.25! I mean, how is that possible?!?

So there we have it, so much for popping in for some Bonjela and ready meals! (which I did get too, Tesco Finest Food is awesome and a great treat for finishing my work!)

Well the bf is just popping to the shop for some milk to make hot chocolates, and then I am going to attempt to stay awake to watch the new Spartacus, and THEN it will be bed time!

Major lie-in tomorrow...
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