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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

(OOTD) Quick Blog, then exciting revision...


Well I am back from my weekend in London. I would do a full blog about it but I am supposed to be revising now so this is going to be brief, then I hope to to a full blog next week! BUT...

I must mention that I have made it through to the assessment day at HARRODS!!! So I may be working in this pretty from September...

So that is very nerve racking! Add that to the exam tomorrow and the literature review due on Monday and you would be right to assume I am a bit of an anxious wreck!

So anyway to my outfit today. I am at work again today and have decided to wear one of my lovely dresses that I have bought from here, so let's get to it...

So we'll go top to toe:
Dress- Bill Baber Knitwear, around £49 in the sale (I should include that these garments are one offs and are hand made!)

Turtle Neck- Primark, £4

Thin Gold Jumper- Select £8 (I think)

Leggings- Select, two for £8 (they look a bit black here but they are brown)

And finally my Vivienne Westwood Wellie Boots :)

Just a close up of the thin jumper over my turtle neck. I love a bit of glitz and this goes really well with a lot of different colours!

As for accessories we have my cute little heart box necklace, I think this was around £2 from New Look in the sale. I love it because I could actually store something in it, not that I have anything to put in there, but it's still cute! A little bit heavy though!

Flower in my hair :) was an Xmas present from my mum, I love the animal print in it!

Finally eyes... today I have used Body Shop Shimmer Cubes (again!). I have two colours that blend in the centre, not sure how easy it is to see. I have a more bronze colour on the outside with a chocolate brown on the inside. I have used a gold/cream base all over my eye.

So there we have it for today! I really have to go get on with my revision now... exam tomorrow and then back to the parents house in the evening, where I will spend the next few days working my socks off on my literature review...

Wish me luck!

(I might be silent now until after Monday, I have so much to do that I shouldn't really be sat posting, however, if I decide to take a break you may hear something from me!)
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