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Thursday, 19 January 2012

(OOTD) No sleep 'til bedtime!

Morning all!

I am so tired this morning, really shouldn't have stayed up to watch the programme about shoplifting on channel 4 last night. Did anyone else see it? It was actually quite hilarious!

Anyway, finally got around to another OOTD (I have learnt since the last post that this is the short way of saying 'Outfit of the Day' getting into this blogging lark much?), but the photos might not be great because I am at work today and have just taken them pretty quick so passers by didn't see me posing in the shop mirrors. I mean, I know people can be vain but that might just be a step too far!

So here we go!

It is f-f-f-freeeezing at work today, and I knew it would be, so I decided to layer up! So what you can't see here is that I have a black turtle neck on, from Primark, I think it was about £4 and they are so useful, (I have it in brown too!)

Then I have another long sleeved t-shirt from Primark on, I think this was about £2. I thought the mustard yellow would compliment the parrot on the top layer, which is a long t-shirt / tunic from Oasis, I think I got it in the sale for about £8. I don't wear it often but I love it!

Bottom half I have my jeggings from Internacionale on. These are unusual in the fact that they have pockets, belt loops, a fly and a button, but are jegging material. I think they are great! I can't remember how much they were, I have had them for quite a while.

More on my shoes later...

Just thought I would share my accessories with you too, random bangle selection....

Long tortoise necklace, xmas present from Primark

Teapot and Teacup necklace, £1.50, Primark, last summer I think...

Also you can see my layering technique here!

Finally, my pride and joys! My Vivienne Westwood ankle welly boots! I love these bad boys and there hasn't been many days since New Year that I haven't worn them! I had to send the original xmas present ones back because they were too small. These are a 7. Must say the customer service from Toad Footwear (bought through Amazon) have fantastic service. We sent the first pair back 2 days after Xmas, the new pair arrived New Years Eve, I was thrilled and wore them round the house all day! Something about wellies makes you want to be 6 again...

On another note, I don't just wear them when it rains. I personally think you can get away with them as patent boots, therefore I can wear them all the time!

Also thought I would share my eye make up with you today. I don't really focus on anything else but eyes, I LOVE eye shadows and pigment and I really can't be bothered getting lipstick right. So my art piece has always been my eyes.

So today, just being a standard day I have used my Body Shop Shimmer Cubes. When I do my post about my make up bag you will get the hint that I love them a lot! I have three colours on today, silver as a base, a turquoise blue on the outside of my eye and a more royal blue on the inside. They are blended quite well so it is a bit hard to see. I didn't want something dramatic as I am only at work and I think some people don't take you seriously if your overly 'done-up'.

 So there we have it for today, I have already managed to kill an hour at work. As I work in a boutique its usually quite quiet and my client, (used to be boss, but self-employed-ness makes people your clients woo woo!), doesn't mind me getting on with work while I am here. I am pretty lucky really!

But what I really should be doing is reading more journals for my literature review!

Until next time...(might steal boyfriends iPad and blog on train tomorrow... did someone say London! If not, see you Monday!)

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