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Thursday, 26 January 2012

(OOTD) Sneaky Sneaky Blog Posts!

Ok, so I really shouldn't be blogging now as I should be writing my literature review (the amount of times I have said those words, I probably murmur them in my sleep!.


I thought I would just do a quick OOTD for you. I am totally dressed down today, well not totally, that would be trackies, and because I do have to make an appearance at the dentist today (boooo!) I thought I better wear something I can leave the house in.

So we have:
Red Long Sleeved Shirt- Primark, about £3, I was so impressed with these I bought them in every colour. They are really light-weight, I don't like long sleeved tops with lots of Nylon in because I find them too clingy on the tops of my arms.

Denim Dress- New Look sale last year or year before I think, was only cheap. It's so soft and so easy to wear layered up or with something over. As I don't believe in "seasons" as such, (I tend to just wear my summer things layered up in winter... Long Live Sumemr!), I find this dress easy to wear all year round.

Leggings- My staple Select leggings! I have 3 black pairs, just so you don't think I live in the same pair all the time!

No shoes as I will be sat writing most of the day, but when I go out it will be the VW Wellies <3

Only one accessory today, my Vivienne Westwood necklace. Rosie bought me this for my birthday and I LOVE it, it's quite big but it makes such a statement, and I do believe that more is definitely more :)

So there we have it for today. I should go and get on now but I will leave you with a question:

Where do you buy comfy heeled black work shoes from? 

(sensible heel, I can't walk in anything over about 6 cm due to hip surgery, I do feel I need to train myself up!)

I need a pair for my Harrods interview, and also for if by some sort of miracle I get the job! I find shoes so hard to buy and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions...

Now I really must be off :) 
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