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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cath Kidston Haul!

Apologies for no outfits in the last two days, yesterday was a trackies and hoodie day as it was so damn cold, and today is a pyjama day, it is too cold to get out of bed, hence staying in bed to work today!

But before I start the laborious task of continuing with my literature review (cries!) I thought I would share my Cath Kidston excitement with you! Firstly, you should know that I did get more than what I am about to show you, it's just that a lot of the stuff is for birthday and xmas presents (how organised am I??) so I don't want people seeing what they have got!

I should also mention that I accidentally did a H&M haul yesterday, I sort of just 'fell in'. But I am not going to go through that because you should see a lot of it after my London trip!

Anyway, let's get started, I have to show you the packaging it arrived in, I was so excited!

I know that it is still the Xmas packaging, but I did shop from the sale so I don't care, and besides it is beautiful!

So the first thing I treated myself to was this organiser for the back of my bathroom door, I think it cost me the princely sum of £5 down from about £15, so I am very happy!

I also bought the Xmas baubles in the sale, I couldn't resist and if Rosie is living with me next year I know she will be giddy for these on our tree, £6 down from £20... bargain!

Another little treat for me was a phone case! I lost my favourite phone sock ages ago and my phone has been a bit naked since! I love this, it fits my phone really snuggly and has ones of those cords you pull to slide the phone out! (I wish I had figured this out before I broke my phone charm!) I had to take a picture of it in the box because the packaging is gorgeous! I think this was around £6 down from £15 (I am probably getting this all wrong but I really don't want to move from my bed!).

Finally my last little treat for myself was some Cath Kidston cotton fabric. I plan to create myself a headboard, well, I say create, I really mean buy and old cheap one and tart it up a bit! Anyway, this fabric was £6 a metre down from £20 so to me that was a steal! And it came packaged so nicely! As you can tell I have already had it open but the plastic was folded into an envelope shape and was very cute indeed! I just need to find a headboard now...

So there we have it, as people's birthdays come and go I might show you the other parts of my haul, I did get rather a lot but I know that the people I have bought for are going to be happy :)

May I also say that customer service at Cath Kidston is brilliant. I had to ring them to find out where one bit of my order was (it was originally two bits, but it turned out I was sat on one...) and they were very polite and helpful. The last piece is coming soon, and I am so pleased because I know this particular person will LOVE what I have got her!

Anyway, I really should go and get on with note-taking and things. I started this post with the hope it would wake me up and get my brain into writing gear, but if I am honest, I can't even remember how I started this post. Today is going to be productive I can tell! If I have time later I might shock you with another post about my essential make-up bag, to make up for the lack of posting yesterday (and the fact that there will be a lack over the weekend as I will be in London...yey!)

Must get on now...must not sleep...
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