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Monday, 16 January 2012

Nails, Clothes and Bargain Holdalls!

Hello! (so far this is going very well!)

So let's get straight too it! Rosie asked me to do outfit of the day, so here it is, (apologies for the crap picture!)

- T-shirt: Matalan(bought a while ago)
- Skirt: Select (£4 in sale, 2 weeks ago)
- Leggings: Select (2 pairs for £8, my favourite leggings, will travel back to Bridlington for these, great quality and they do them in loads of colours!
- Cardigan: Internationale (bought a while ago)
- Vivienne Westwood Necklace and New Look 2 chain necklace 
- Blue Rose Bracelet (Not sure where from)
- Blue Flower Headband (again not sure)

Now for Nails, I copied Rosie's nail effect, but used a lilac base instead. Take a gander at my fairy nails!

The Kit: Ever Since Nail Buff, Cuticle Oil and Crystal File. Collection 2000 clear varnish, Barry M nail paints. Nail Dry Spray

The Result!

Love the Fairy Nail Result!

So yeah, really pleased with them, but because I have stupid nails, they are chipping already. I do feel like a fairy though :)

More on the subject of nails, I managed to pick these up in Tesco today for a mere 99p each. I will give one a whirl in a couple of days and let you know what they are like. If they are good then they are a steal at that! I also got some Hello Hydration from Herbal Essences, currently £2 a pot, there's some pretty good deals on Herbal Essences at the moment!

BUT, my absolute BARGAIN of the day has to be my new holdall that I am going to use for London this weekend, the princely sum of £3 for this beauty (they were just putting them out and I happened to be walking passed)

It was a God send on the way back from College too! I have just taken out 10 books to start my literature review, speaking of which...

I really should go an get on now...
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  1. jamie is seeing you this week right? will you please get me one of those herbal essences things and a red one if there is one and ill pay you back? xxxxx


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