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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Busy Working Week

So it's been just over a week, and I have actually made a lot of progress in this time. 
Because one of my tutors was not going to be present on Monday, I decided to work from home, and I made some progress on my WRL4 project and decided to work on this for the rest of the week, because I felt if I got one project out of the way it would take some of the pressure off.
In college on Tuesday we did some work on branding in the morning, which helped us to check if our PPD4 promotional material we were creating was actually representing us properly. I finished working on my postcard and artists statement, so that's the last of my promotional material finished, well apart from the poster for the static show.
In the afternoon we had tutorials with an substitute teacher called Dan, who has a very interesting career history, and had a lot of good ideas for both WRL4 and VM so that put my head in a much better place for finishing up some bits and pieces for WRL4.
My WRL 4 project is pretty much finished now, apart from a couple of odd jobs that can't be done until I progress with my other projects, so I am very pleased about that. 
I also had a friend staying for the week so it was nice to have a fresh pair of eyes over my work and she gave me some very constructive criticism.

The weekend was spent with the family, enjoying the beautiful sunshine in Sheffield and in York. I spent a bit too much money but I suppose I could justify is as trend research?? HAH!

So yesterday and today I have been working on the 3000 word mini dissertation for VM. I completed the first draft after 8 hours yesterday, and have proofed it this morning, I have now sent it to a couple of other people to read to make sure I haven't missed any silly mistakes. Overall I am pleased with the content and the presentation (all 22 pages of it!), and I hope that once I have had it checked by the learning mentors I can consider it done.

So now, after having my WRL4 project read over by my boss, I have a couple of bits and pieces to add and change in that, and then I intend to work on FMT2 and get my research completed.

And tonight, after 5, I am going to roam the streets of York and take photos of some window displays for VM, then I can't get shouted at by staff. So that's another job down. 

Going home on Thursday but there is no rest for the wicked, it's likely I will be working from there too, but once its done it's done and I can relax. Saying that, I am considering taking part in a dressmaking a tailoring course straight after college finishes, but it will be very useful and will keep me busy :)

Speaking of busy, best get cracking really...

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