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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Boyfriend's mum's birthday present?? All wrapped up I'd say...

'2 posts in one day is unheard of!' I hear you say, but there may even be another one yet! So here is a scarf I made for my boyfriend's mum's birthday. Very very simple to make. I just saw a nice coloured ball of wool in Boyes and decided that a scarf would be a nice present. So I just knitted the whole ball and the above picture is the result. It appears casting 50 stitches on and using 6mm needles was ideal as the wool came out in perfect stipes! I think she will love it, or I hope she does.

For a finishing touch I even added a gift tag, made from bits out of a pack of various bits and peices of crafty things which I got from Poundland of all places, in fact they are such good packs, that I now have 4. I'm sure they will come in useful for my course!

So there you have it, just thought I would share that with you instead of cleaning my room and making chicken tikka for my tea... ah best get to it really!

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