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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Harvey Nichols and the iPad queue

Ok so I am feeling a little bit worn out today, have had a crazy weekend helping to see off a friend of mine who is leaving for Afghan with the RAF, so last night was a late one!
This week has been a bit crazy so apart from writing my VM essay plan, I haven't done much more college work, but now the boyfriend is back at home, I have a few weeks to crack on!
Wednesday was the Harvey Nichols event, this was the second one I attended and this time I did not spend as much money, and actually bought something useful, and that was included in the 10% and £10 off offer; a Marc Jacobs iPad case, but more on the iPad shortly.
The evening at the Leeds store was just as lovely as last time, champagne and wine available on every floor, helpful staff, and a wonderful fashion show displaying the new season stock. I did try to get some pictures, but I only took my point and shoot and they aren't really worth uploading because most of them are blurred.
The women models all sported vibrant pink eyes and cheeks and slicked back hair, and trends displayed were pretty much what can be seen on the Vogue website. All in all, a great night :)

And now for the iPad 2, the new love of my life, a love which the boyfriend and I queued for 5 hours in the Currys York store for. Luckily the lovely staff let us sit in the store rather than queue outside, and operated a ticket system for their limited stock of 12 iPads, (which did not include the one I originally wanted, so I compromised, and also stayed up until 2am to order the smart cover I wanted, because they didn't have that either!) So I ended up being the first person to purchase an iPad in York, and came home with the 32gb wifi version in black, and I love it. I will post at some point about cool apps and features once I have explored it more thoroughly. But here is some photos of mine and Justin's adventures:

Our tickets

Doing my Wordsearch

Cheesy Grin

Smiles all around :)

Sorry this is not a very detailed post, just a summary of a wonderful week. Now best get going to pick up my Akbar's takeaway, mmmm :)

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