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Monday, 14 March 2011

That Monday Feeling

So today I am working on my sketchbook for fashion marketing theory trying to get to the end of the designer trends I am researching. This project requires me to undertake extensive research and so far I have researched designer trends for Spring / Summer 2011, as I feel that this will influence the designs of my handbag charms. From this I am going to focus on designer handbag trends and then turn my attention to high street fashion and handbag trends. Finally I will look at brands that already have handbag charms in their product line and see what trends are influencing these. 
From this I will be able to draw some inspiration for my own designs and then start to think about how I will package my product. One of the constraints of the project is that my product has to be able to hang, but I am also considering including another packaging option such as a small bag for if the product will be given as a gift.
As I previously mentioned I think I am going to focus on knitted handbag charms as I like to knit as a hobby. The theme for my charms will probably be florals, as this trend reoccurs every spring so the charms will be a long lasting accessory, the product line could just be updated every season depending on how the florals trend changes. I also considered focusing on under-the-sea themed charms but I feel this trend will die down quickly and it does not fit my interests in eco-fashion as well as florals do.

I am creating my sketchbook on InDesign, which I am still learning to use, but I am finding it a great programme. I think it is a cross between Photoshop, Illustrator and Publisher, and with a basic knowledge of these three programmes you can start using InDesign quickly and easily and get great results. So far I am very pleased with how my sketchbook is going. I will eventually put pictures of some of my favourite pages onto my Deviant Art account (Click here to see it =]), but I think I will have to wait until it is printed as all the editing boxes within InDesign make the pages look messy and you don't get the overall effect.

So there's an update on how this project is going. Tomorrow I will be working on PPD4 and attending a lecture on how to construct essays which will help me in starting my dissertation. I will also  having a tutorial about my WRL4 project so I will give you and update on how that is going tomorrow. Best go get on really =]
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