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Friday, 11 March 2011

New Start...Prettier Blog

Oh My Gosh!

Yes I have been rubbish, but to be honest, I HATED the theme of this blog, it was awful. But, as I now have to do a blog for college, I got myself in gear and played around with editing it, and I am much much happier with it =]

So, it has been nearly a year since my last post, and I can't be bothered going through everything that happened, but here are the important points:

- I live in York now.
- I have taken up Photography as a hobby.
- I have a job, I work as a sales assistant for Bill Baber York, a family run knitwear company.
- I am still at Harrogate College but I am going to York College in September, to top-up to a Business Management Degree.

That's a brief update! I also now have a Deviant Art account so check out if you have some time. Most of my photo's and my college work will be going on there, but I will post the odd photo on here too.

So college now requires me to keep a blog, so hopefully that will get me into a good habit for the future, because I do actually like blogging, but I just seem to get lazy.

Well I should just give you a quick run through of the projects for this term, my final term, eep! The projects are quite exciting, but there is a LOT of work to be done:

Work Related Learning 4- This term I am required to come up with a business and cost it. I do already have an idea for this, but, as I may plan to do this in the future, I am kind of reluctant to post my full idea online, (not that many people read this, but you never know!), I am pretty excited about the idea, and if it seems like I could run with it in the future, I might just do so!

Fashion Marketing Theory 2- For this project I am required to undertake extensive research into a specific line of accessories, and then design a product and it's packaging related to the research. I am looking at handbag charms and in particular, knitted ones, which combines one of my hobbies into the project. I am enjoying this project, at the moment I am on with a lot of research, and am creating a sketchbook on Adobe InDesign rather than a paper one, so it's a never ending learning curve at the moment, as I am still getting to grips with the software.

Personal and Professional Development 4- Probably my favourite project at the moment. I am required to design and create a set of promotional materials for myself, including a creative CV, business cards and a digital portfolio, (hence this and the Deviant Art account. Also in this project I have to undertake some careers research. I originally undertook some research into other creative promotional material to gain some inspiration and ideas, I am going to display these ideas in another sketchbook created on InDesign. At the moment I am working on the promotional material, and that is where the new theme for this blog came from. The materials have to represent me, and I think that the theme I have chosen is quite true to myself and my interests.

Visual Merchandising- This is the biggest project we have this term, and we are treating it like a final major project including a mini dissertation. So far we have worked in a group to create a window display made from plastic bags, and have also created presentations about visual merchandising and store image. The presentation will aid us in our dissertations. Also as part of this project we have to create a 3D model of our dream shop and a decoupage of our dream shop window, and support these ideas with A3 boards and sketchbooks, (I am also working on InDesign for this project). I have some initial ideas for my shop and window display, (linked to my WRL4 project), but at the moment I am working on some trend research, and some research into shop interiors and window displays.

I will be using this blog to document my progress in my projects and my thoughts and feelings towards it all. On top of this I may document other events, (such as the Harvey Nichols event that I am attending on 23rd March), and projects that I am undertaking in my spare time, for example my photography, (most of my images go on Deviant Art, but I might post about my outings to take some pretty pictures!)

Anyway, major long post! But hopefully now I am more up to date :) and I WILL keep on top of this, I promise.

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