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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

PPD4, almost done :)

Yesterday at college I finally got to designing my business cards to go with the rest of the promotional material I am working on, (I will be putting pictures of these on the new page on my blog, you see that up there, shiny new pages!!) I am really pleased with how they have turned out, and the design came about quite by accident. I was working on a polaroid theme, which is reoccurring throughout my promotional material, and I was trying to create an image of myself with a few of my own images of my interests around me. When importing an image of a rose, (which I took), into the business card, it appeared huge and as though I was stood in the flower. Instantly I liked it and thought it was quite surreal yet effective and eye catching. My original plan for my business cards was to create several different images with polaroid type sleeves / frames, which the card could be pulled out of to reveal my details, however, after some research I found this would be difficult and expensive. So instead I have incorporated the frame into the card itself and used 4 different images of flowers to create different business cards, but all on the same theme and layout. Please let me know what you think once they go on the new page.

On another note, the tutorial on essay writing we had yesterday was very useful and it has made me think more positively about writing my mini dissertation. And the tutorial on my WRL4 module never happened as my tutor didn't turn up, which is slightly frustrating.

Finally, as soon as I get the images for it, I will be blogging on the team window event we undertook a couple of weeks back, because I think it's definitely worth a mention, and my team of Avneet, Becky and I are very proud of what we achieved, so keep an eye out  for that :) right, best get those business cards uploaded, and then get ready for pilates!
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