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Friday, 23 October 2009

Just an update!

Well I know it has been a little while and I apologise for that, I have had a bit of a hectic time what with family birthday's, parties and Carnage, (what a night!!).
So I thought I would just update you with the fashion work I have done recently.
On Tues 14th Oct I went and had a look at the Marks and Spencer's Archive at Leeds University. The staff in there were very helpful and it is definitely worth a look around if you are near the Parkinson building. I got some information about the history of the company, and I have written off to an archivist at head office to see if I can get hold of some swing tags and point of sale for my research. I took some photos which I might put on here at some point, (I am at home in sunny Flamborough at the moment so I don't have them to upload).
On Weds 15th Oct I went on a college trip to Harrogate, to the Mercer Gallery and the Pump Museum. This was very informative; we looked at garments constructed as early as 1815, and it was amazing to see how much work went into these beautiful clothes. I will definitely upload the photo's when I get back to Leeds. The information we gathered on this trip will help us to create our time lines. At the Pump Museum we got an insight into what life was like in the past and this helps us to appreciate why clothes were the way they were.
After this we had some free time and got lunch and did a little bit of shopping. We visited a fantastic vintage shop, I could have gone mad in there if I had the time and money, and I will definitely be revisiting there!
On Saturday I went for a wander around Leeds with Libby, (pictured below), and discovered a new favourite store: Ark. I had never really heard of it before, let alone been in for a nosey, but they really do have some beautiful, reasonably priced clothes. I nearly bought a dress, I may be back for it yet! We also checked out a couple of vintage stores, and spied a Juicy Couture bag in Oxfam for £45!! If it didn't have a couple of marks on it I would have bought it.
We also went to an arts and crafts fair at Leeds Town Hall. There was some really cool and quirky things in there, I am going to check out the ebay shop of one girl who made really wacky ear-rings out of lego bricks and other crazy things. When I find it I will link it on here =]
And I think that is it really. Possibly going on a trip to London with college in the next few weeks, oh, and I booked my 'Clothes Show Live' ticket... exciting times!
So, I will be posting some photo's soon! Watch this space =]
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