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Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Harvey Nichols Fashion Show!

I finally got the photos onto my computer, so I can now post about the marvellous evening that was the Harvey Nichols Fashion Show.
The store was packed with people of all ages, from 7 to 70, all there to admire the Autumn/Winter '09 collection. The £10 ticket price was definitely reasonable as there was beer, wine and champagne on tap, (which we all took advantage of).
The fashion show itself was slightly slow, (in comparison to the upbeat music), there was large gaps between different collections, but the models were accompanied by dancers, which was a nice touch and added to the entertainment factor. The clothes were stunning, however, we did not get any information about who the garments were by, which was a bit disappointing.
Another perk of the evening was that there was 10% off clothing and accessories and the £10 ticket price was redeemable against purchases in these areas. I treated myself to some 'FitFlop' boots, which sadly were not covered by this offer, as they are classed as cosmetics. I am in love with these boots though, they use 'micro wobble board' technology, which tones your legs while you are walking, and improves your posture; heaven for me, they feel like walking on air, and I feel they will not be off my feet for a long time!
We stayed right until the end, which was around 10pm, and I collected my free bottle of champagne on the way out, (if you spent over £75 you were given free champagne!!).
My friends and I really enjoyed the night and I would recommend to anyone that they get a ticket for the next one; even just for the free bar!
(I will put the images on another post as the internet is really slow this evening and is not allowing me to upload photos =[)

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