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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The 4 Projects

As I said I would I will now outline the 4 projects I am undertaking and my initial ideas for them.

Project 1- 'Connect with the Customer' In this project I will be designing e-newsletters for Pure Collection Limited. I have to be aware of seasonal trends and have to be able to reinvent them to encourage consumers to keep buying the products on offer. I will, with the aid of my classmates, produce a trend report of Leeds (explained in previous post), and will have to be able to identify my target customer and create a customer profile. During this project I will also be studying advertising and collecting other e-newsletters to build up a file of research. At the end of this project I will have produced four consecutive months of e-newsletters, along with mood boards and other mini projects I have been set.

Project 2- 'Pick and Mix' This project's aim is to collaborate an icon or celebrity and a high street store to create a collection that suits both the icon and the store, and to brand it successfully. The best current example of this is the 'Kate Moss Topshop' collection. During this project I will carry out a lot of research into my icon and my chosen store. The final collection will consist of 10 pieces, and I will be considering forecasting to select the fabrics and colours. The final part of this project will be the designing of the packaging, swing tags and logos. At the end of this project I will be able to present each part of the project individually either on boards or in sketchbooks and files.
My initial ideas for this project are to design a collection for Marks and Spencer's inspired by Joanna Lumley. She is very inspirational to me as she is a keen human and animal rights activist, and she cares for the environment. She also has an interesting upbringing and career, and I hope to bring some of this out in the collection I design. I chose Marks and Spencer's as it is a well established store, which has something for all women, and is environmentally aware. I am very keen on conservation and eco-fashion and I took this into consideration when choosing my icon and store.

Project 3- 'From Vision to Consumer' In this project I will researching and learning about how fashion, retail and marketing have developed since the 1900's to the present day. I will be producing a time line of the major events, and an essay on a particular era on the time line.
I will also be producing a skirt, and will learn the whole design process, from choosing fabrics and pattern cutting, to the finishing touches. I will research different brands and create designs based on my inspiration. I will also be producing a brand for my skirt, which will include designing logos, swing tickets and hangers.
My initial ideas for this project is to design a skirt with a surfy theme, as I really like surf brands such as Roxy and Quicksilver. I have already started some research by talking to sales assistants in stores such as Quicksilver, White Stuff and Fat Face. I have signed up for some catalogues which I will be able to take inspiration from.

Project 4- 'My Book' The main aim of this project is to be able to market myself in the working world. The 'My Book' will contain my CV, information about myself, and will demonstrate all the creative skills I possess which will help me in the fashion field. It is open to interpretation how the 'My Book' should be presented so it is up to me to get creative and present it in the best way I can.
My initial ideas for this project is to present the 'My Book' in an A2 sketch book, as that way I can fit a lot onto one page. I will include my CV, information about me, and my hip problems, (I think this is important as it is quite a big part of my life). I will maybe also include some knitting as I very much enjoy it; and I will try and incorporate some other skills I am developing while taking part in this course.

During all my projects I will be writing short essays of reflection. These are important as they give me the chance to think about what I could have done differently to improve myself, and this is a skill that is vital in business.
As I said in my first post, this blog will be used as part of my reflection, and to document my work. I would also appreciate criticism, good or bad, so I know how I could improve.

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