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Wednesday, 1 June 2011


And you just keep waiting and waiting...

That's all I seem to be doing at the moment, waiting. Waiting for forms / permission / and numerous other things, (such as the boyfriend to finish his exams so I can actually see him again!), and quite frankly I am getting a bit frustrated.

I want to get going now, I just want everything to click into place and for me to finally get out there, flyers and business cards in hand, (and the pretty notebook, diary and address book I treated myself to), and get on with promoting myself! I want to be busy, I want to be earning money, and most of all I want to be a businesswoman and make something of myself.

I know these things take time to set up, and I suppose I am just being impatient, but I just want to do something now, without college I feel like I have no consistency, and I need something to replace that.

Sorry for the mini rant, I just needed somewhere to vent my frustration.

Hopefully soon I will be able to post saying I have finally got myself sorted :) 

On another note, booking my Holland tickets this week, so that is exciting! And also I am going to see Take That in Manchester on Sunday, and Journey and Foreigner on Wednesday :) so an exciting and busy time coming up for me. Reminds me, I need to book that massage...
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