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Friday, 27 May 2011

And now the hard work begins...

Finally got all of my projects handed in, and now life seems to be getting more difficult!
As I have previously mentioned, I am aiming to become self employed and offer last minute and temporary cover for small businesses in York, and in the last two weeks I am finally working on taking the plunge! However, it's not as simple as I was expecting...
Forms forms forms, and a million hoops to jump through! I suppose it is a bit harder for me because of the health problems I have had and the financial help I have been receiving because of it, but there just seems to be so much to do! That along with sorting out my flat and new tenancy, I feel I already need to hire someone to help with my paperwork.
Today though, I finally feel like I am getting somewhere, and that 'The Shop Sitter' will soon be a common service around York. I am feeling positive, but I just want to get going now, however, my sensible head knows I need everything in place before I take the final step and declare myself as 'self employed'. So I have set up the email, the Facebook and enrolled myself on some free business courses, and it finally means I can tick some jobs off the list. 
I still have a way to go, (along side this I am also promoting my mum's glass jewellery, who said that finishing college means everything slows down?!), so at the moment I barely have time to think! But I hope that one day soon I will be putting up a post that is to inform you that I am finally in business!
Wish me luck...

On another note, I did say I would post about my tailoring and dressmaking course, which is going pretty well. Tackled zips last night though, took 4 attempts to get the first part of the zip on, but I suppose it's all a learning curve, and another skill to add to my knowledge :)
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