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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A step back? Or a better plan?

Today I went for a business meeting at the York Eco Business Centre, whom I can wholly recommend to anyone planning to start a business, they give such good advice. 
Anyway, whilst there, my advisor, Heidi, raised some very good points. Such as, what will happen when I return to full time education? How will I cope if I am required in two places on the same day? Am I underpricing myself? All this has led to a rethink and a new plan. Speaking of plans, my business plan is a MUST and I really need to get on with some market research, (for someone who has studied marketing for 2 years, you would think that would be my first point of call!). 
So after 2 weeks resting at home, I am back in York, with a refreshed attitude and a new plan, and I am determined to do this the right way. It is going to take longer than I anticipated, but I will get there, and this time next year I want to look back at this and be sure that the decisions I have made now were the best ones for the direction in which I am heading.
So there we have it, I will still be becoming self employed as soon as possible, but I will be taking the business slower, and I hope that in the end, this will work to my advantage, so watch this space!
On another note, I am, hopefully, attending an eco fashion show tomorrow night in York, at The Pitcher and Piano, (for anyone who is interested), so I will hopefully be able to take some pictures. 
And on Thursday I am attending York College open day to see the place I will be studying in September. As I have now passed my Foundation Degree, YEY, I am pretty sure of my place, and I can't wait to see what it's like.
AND... another exciting note, I am about to order a pretty pink point and shoot camera, happy days :D
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