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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Two fairs in one day?!?

So as well as filming our first two videos on Sunday (Lu Lin tea review coming soon!), we also went to a couple of fairs.

Both are fairs that we have visited before, and it's always nice to see some of the regular stalls that attend, and it's great to see some new faces too! The first fair we visited was the From Yorkshire with Love fair, hosted by Now and Then Events.  This fair focuses independently run businesses in the York area, and promotes the hidden talents in Yorkshire. There fair will be your cup of tea if you're into cute crafty jewellery, homeware and gifts, and baked goods! And there are some great workshops you can take part in, check out the pictures below:

There were some lovely stalls and Lucie decided to treat herself to this print of the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey:

We also visited The York Vintage Fair, which will be much more up your street if you're seriously into your vintage clothes. You best have your rummaging head on, because there's lots to look through! Unfortunately we were unable to get some pictures, due to the venue being very busy, and not being able to get a good view of all the action! However, we do have a picture of their lovely flyer!

Coming up this weekend is the York Does Vintage fair, which you can find in the Merchant Adventurers Hall on Sunday! If you're in York it's definitely worth a visit.

Do you have a favourite vintage fair? Leave us a comment or Tweet us @lucykristina or @lucieclark!

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