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Monday, 17 September 2012

Shopping and Social Networking? Must be Mallzee.

So what do you get when the fashion and Facebook worlds collide? 

Well, the answer is Mallzee.

And what is Mallzee you ask? Well it's quite simple really. Over 200 brands are already signed up, for you to create your own online shopping mall, or Mallzee as it will be called. Then the website's special software will help to suggest things for you, based on your style, and pops these pride of place in your Mallzee, neat huh?

Now you're thinking? Where does Facebook come into this? Through Facebook Chat you can visit your friend's Mallzees, and they can visit yours, and what's even better, is that when you or your friends shop through your Mallzee, you earn some pennies, for even more shopping! AND, Mallzee have negotiated great discounts with the brands associated with this brilliant concept!

How awesome is this?!!? Another great feature is that your friends can suggest products for you, and if you are unsure about something, you can create a poll and ask the opinion of your friends. It's like the interaction of a shopping trip, but from your sofa! Now I don't bash a good shopping trip, but no one wants to move when it's raining or snowing. 

I also think this will be great for shopping for gifts, if you can have a snoop at other peoples favourite items, then buy them for them! I see great potential for gift lists etc with this site, (if you're reading, Mallzee, please consider this!).

So, if you would like to join the Mallzee journey from it's very beginnings, it's set to be released later this year, then follow this link:

Sign up! Get involved! And if you invite your friends you get entered into a draw to win £100 of shopping vouchers, along with other treats!

So what are you waiting for?? I am so excited for this and I hope you are too :)

Happy Shopping!
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