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Monday, 18 June 2012

I am back :)


I am finally back, it's been a long and tiresome couple of weeks but I am happy to say I am back, AND that I have achieved a First Class Honours in Business Management. I so pleased! And I want to thank everyone who has supported me through it all. It means a lot!

So I have been on a couple of shopping trips during this time, and received my first Graze Box, so those things have been pretty exciting. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures before I put everything away, but I did take pictures of the Graze Box, so there will be a post on that soon.

I am also considering starting Youtube. I have a busy week sorting things out this week but I might have a tinker around next week. So if you have any video ideas, please feel free to share.

Another thing to mention is that I am definitely going on holiday now! We have booked Menorca for the day after my graduation, 6th July, so that's not far away at all! I am so excited. And it is likely you will see all my latest purchases on the holiday! I may also do some vlogging, to upload when I get back, if people are interested. 

So there we are, that's pretty much the last couple of weeks caught up. Now it's time for a bit of Wii Fit before dinner, currently working on my bikini body you see! 

 I hope that everyone is doing great in their exams and get to enjoy summer soon!

See you tomorrow :D
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