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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

York was Mobbed...Fash Mobbed!

I would love to draw your attention to this fabulous video created by Spinning Top Films. York has had an exciting weekend, what with the Fash Mob, Fashion Village and Vintage Jamboree. Weekends like this make me so happy and proud to live in York, it deserves to be a fashion capital in its own right. 

I really enjoyed the buzz in York this weekend, I met some fabulous people, and caught up with a familiar face or two. I would especially like to share Isabel Wong's with you. Her designs are fabulous and I always enjoy seeing her collections at the fashion events in York. Keep your eye out for her! 

I should really apologise for the lack of blogging through summer, I would love to say that it's because I have simply had no time, but that would be a big big fib.

A quick update on my life is in order I think, (although everyone who reads this knows me in real life anyway...):

- I know own 2 rats called Stan and Ollie, (dad named them after Laurel and Hardy), they are my furry babies and I love them dearly.

- I spent a week of summer in Edinburgh visiting Bill Baber Edinburgh and having my first Scottish experience. I enjoyed it very much, met some lovely people and took some pictures, which can be found on my Facebook. (I may do some more detailed posts about Edinburgh sometime soon).

- I am FINALLY self employed! It's only taken all summer, but I have finally done it. Although now I feel completely confused about my future, (but again, more on that later).

Anyway, enough of me rambling... some photos from the weekend:

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