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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Our Beauty Confessions

We can't be good a everything in the beauty world, right? So we decided to share with you our (secret) beauty confessions!

Lucie's Confessions

1: Liquid Eyeliner
I cannot use liquid eyeliner, at all!I either put on too much, too little, its not even or when I try to correct it, it smudges all over my eye. Ultimate fail.

2: Nail Polish Addict
I used to have the really bad habbit of biting my nails, and I found the only way to stop it was to always have my nails painted. Subsequently I have about 80 nail polishes, and paint my nails every 2 days.

3: Fake Tan Woes
I am so pale, and I wish I could have that golden glow. But after the first time I used fake tan, and it went horribly wrong (hello patchy), I've decided to embrace the pale-ness!

4: The Ultimate Beauty Sin
I probably should admit this, but I am known to often fall asleep with my make up on...I know there's no excuses, but after commuting to work I'm so tired and end up falling asleep. Oops...

Lucy's Confessions

1: Lazy Brows
I really should keep on top of plucking my eyebrows, but I am lazy, so I don't. My sister despairs! She spends a considerable amount of time making them neat, then I just neglect them... sorry sis!

2: Bad with my Brushes
This is something I really need to get a hold on. I KNOW that I should clean my brushes weekly, but no matter how strict I am with other parts of my beauty routine, somehow the brush washing part rarely happens.

3: Batiste is my Best Friend
There was a time when I washed my hair daily, but I discovered that it really wasn't doing my hair that many favours. So I completely shook up my routine and now only wash my hair twice a week. Doesn't it get greasy? You ask. Well, yes it does a little bit, only around my face, (if I looked like a chip pan I would wash it),  so to deal with that I just spray my hair with dry shampoo, until it is white, and then go to bed, in the morning it looks fine!

4: Not Fussed about my Nails
I am one of those people who will leave my nail polish on for as long as possible. My nails chip pretty much instantly, so I can't be bothered to be too precious about it. But I know, once it's got to a certain point, that I should take it off, and by that I mean with remover, not chip it off, (which I am also guilty of doing!).

We've told you ours, so what are your beauty confessions?

LL x 
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