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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

It wasn't as scary as I thought...

So I'm three weeks into my new course at York College and so far I am really enjoying it! =D

The content is a lot meatier than it was on my last course, so now I actually feel like I am learning something, and that something is going to help me in the future. I have met some lovely people and the college itself is very modern and has great facilities. So, so far so good :D

Besides college I have a lot of work days with 'The Shop Sitter' lined up this month. So all in all I am being kept very busy, which is good for me, I like to be doing things.

So as and when interesting things crop up, I will be sure to post them. I don't see the need to post all the time, as I really don't have all that much to talk about from day to day, so things would get very boring, very quickly. I like the way things are for now, so will continue like this.

I have the House of Colour event again on Wednesday, so that should be a fun evening! I'll leave it at that for now, have my Pilates session in 25 minutes!
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